Tuesday, 9 September 2014

LEGO Store 2 Sept 2014

LEGO Store 2 Sept 2014

WALT select the right words

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Once upon a time there was a prince called spongebob and a princess called kiana.  Prince spongebob was spying on princess kiana singing in her bedroom she singing out loud that prince spongebob comes and watches her sing.  
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After a few hours prince charming came along and saw prince spongebob spying on princess kiana.  And then princess kiana looked out the window and saw prince spongebob princess kiana said why are you looking thru the window for.  And then prince charming said get away from  the window.  And then they had a sword fight they were saying whos going to marry princess kiana and then princess Fiona comes along and tell them to stop but they don’t stop they keep going but then princess Fiona yell STOP please stop why can’t one of yous marry princess kiana and one marries me.
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And then they get the ona to marry each other.  Princess fiona change her hair to white so she can look beautiful for the wedding.  After the wedding they had a chocolate pudding with cream in the middle and strawberry on top.  After that

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