Friday, 22 August 2014


Last week we did show don't we record our work because so we can show don't tell the audience.

Cross Country

Today was Cross Country day we all ran around the block and run up monument hill although that it still rain we still went Thur and never gave up so we still ran until it was it the finish line.

Fact about anacondas

Fact about anacondas

Spots on it skin. Anacondas give birth to live young, around 24-35 at a time.
  • 20 feet long
  • Anacondas give birth to live young, around 24-35 at a time

  • Slimy skin.
  • Green skin.
  • Long tug.
  • Slithery body.
  • Long body.
  • swallow 1 per long cokobar.
  • Eyes are black.
  • They are vicious.
  • They aren't poisonous
  • mouth no food.
  • Sneak up to prey coil.
  • Screenshot 2014-08-21 at 2.29.47 PM.png148.5 kg.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Oneies and PJ day at Room Seventeen at KWS

Last week Friday we had a PJ day for whaea ariana it was so sad when wheae ariana left we had a disco with her and a shared lunch it was cool having her for her last day with us thank you for teaching us for your 8 weeks with us.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dale's Show Not Tell week 4 create a character

Wednesday  18th august 2014

WALT - Show not tell to describe and expand on one feature of our character.
John had lion legs when ever he stomped his legs would  squirt out dark pink glowing blood that would always dry up and would not come off.  His feet would always twist and not get back into place.  He would always waddle like a penguin. Every time he would wobble he would always grow green glowing hair on his legs. Whenever he trips over the dark pink glowing blood would drop everywhere. every time he walked he would walk slow and if someone was hurt he would step on them to get more dark pink glowing  blood back.

Friday, 8 August 2014

roller coaster ride

add detail to our writing to make it interesting to our reader
Success Criteria

- use descriptive details (use brainstorm above)

- starts with something that was said or thought

- use expressive vocabulary

- describe the event so the reader feels as though they are there

- use different sentence beginnings and types

OH NO this is the best bet in my entire life WOOHOO rrrrrrrrrr WOOHOO WOOOOOO hay ooooooooo no WOOO we’re going back in time WOO i’m hanging upside down i’m going to fall  out noooooooooo hold on tight noo it’s over now

show not tell

WALT show not tell in our writing

His legs was shaking and shivering.  He could not move he was standing like a rock and frozen like ice bending down scared

and frightened.  As he was thinking out of his head where’s that misty nus coming from.

For the past few weeks we did show don't tell we need to get up and show the adents not telling.

Show don't tell

Screenshot 2014-08-07 at 9.44.28 AM.png
As he was walking thru the dark and misty air the trees with sticky gul on it felt disgusting he could feel breathing on his legs suddenly he stopped there were witches flying around and devils  walking around him and zombies eyes are creeping out blood, all of a sudden he stopped he could feel red sand creeping up his leg and creeping up his back he started to shiver and then……. 

Last week we were doing show don't tell we need to leave the adents hanging.


Tiddalick Characteristics

What are the characteristics of Tiddalick?  Describe what tiddalik was like

The week before we did a store you need to describe how tiddalick was feeling.

Picture of the day

I observe
  1. people all looking the same way
  2. chain to keep them back
  3. trees in the background
  4. flags or signs on the chain
I infer
that they might be waiting for a parade
the chain is colourful, all looking the same way and they are behind the chain.
Self reflection
I think I am working at level
For reading we have been doing Picture of the day so first you do I observe and then you keep on going .

Spelling Reflection

How did you do? 20/20 right  

What words do you need to practise? nothing

Choose 10 words from the list and put them into a sentence (Remember to underline the spelling word!)
he he was singing by a store
she she was skipping
me me and my friend went to the park
at at school we did swimming
then Then we went to the wave pools
that that was a cool day
when when we went to the fire brigade cup  
so so we went to the dental
for for my present i got a rc monster truck

got got a easter egg for my birthday 

for the past few day we have been doing spelling this is my sentens that i wrote with the words.