Friday, 20 June 2014

Explode the moment

Explode the Moment Plan cut off the heapualcut off the head

WALT describe a moment in time

rrrrrrrr i heat it stop it right now rrrrrrrrrrrrrr
its making me laugh
rrrrrr this is the best day of my life WOOHOO
eeee i got a fly in my mouth eeeeeeee
uuu i feel eel now because the swril made me sick                                                                    
hands shaking
OH NO this is the best bet in my entire life WOOHOO
Hear waving when the roller cos1ter

add detail to our writing to make it interesting to our reader
Success Criteria

- use descriptive details (use brainstorm above)

- starts with something that was said or thought

- use expressive vocabulary

- describe the event so the reader feels as though they are there

- use different sentence beginnings and types

OH NO this is the best bet in my entire life WOOHOO rrrrrrrrrr WOOHOO WOOOOOO hay ooooooooo no WOOO we’re going back in time WOO i’m hanging upside down i’m going to fall  out noooooooooo hold on tight noo it’s over now

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